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Shaping leadership and corporate culture for the future

In his book “Mindset Matters” (Haltung entscheidet), Martin Permantier shows how we can shape the development of a leadership and corporate culture in such a way that enables organisations to thrive in the future of work.

He has developed a practical model based on ideas and techniques derived from modern developmental psychology. With the help of real-life examples and graphics, he explains how we can gradually but surely expand our mindsets. This evolutionary way of thinking is truly inspirational and provides real “lightbulb” moments for the reader.

Inspiration for brand, leadership and corporate culture

Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker. For over 20 years he has supported companies on their strategic development and brand positioning journeys. His experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of the agency SHORT CUTS, a 30-strong design and communications firm based in Berlin, is the cornerstone of his pragmatic approach and solid implementation skills. Martin shares his expertise in seminars, workshops and lectures.

For more information visit: mindset-matters.info

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